Incredible benefits of flaxseeds and why you must have them daily

Incredible benefits of flaxseeds and why you must have them daily

Flaxseed or also as it is known in India is one of the oldest crops and they were first cultivated in Babylon in 3000 BC. It is a vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids have gained a lot of popularity. Brown and golden are its two varieties, both of which contain an almost similar nutritional value.They are the weight loss friendly seed, loaded with fiber. It is a seed that is packed with a lot of beauty and health benefits!

What is flaxseed?
Flaxseeds are tiny, brown or golden-colored seeds also known as linseed. It has become part of the traditional cuisines of Asia, America, and Africa because of its various health benefits.

Flaxseeds Nutrition Facts

According to several types of research, one tablespoon of whole/unground flaxseed contains about:
Protein: 1.6 grams
Carbs: 2 grams
Phosphorus: 4% of the RDI
Potassium: 2% of the RDI
Omega-3 fatty acids: 1,597 mg
Fiber: 2 grams
Total fat: 3 grams
Calcium: 2% of the RDI
Iron: 2% of the RDI
Magnesium: 7% of the RDI
Calories: 37

Health benefits of flaxseed:
Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

They are loaded with amino and omega 3 fatty acids can help in lowering high blood pressure. Including flaxseeds in your daily diet can help in preventing hardening of the arteries.

Fights Inflammation
They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids which makes it a key nutrient for fighting inflammation in the body.

Controls Diabetes
Taking flaxseeds regularly improves the blood sugar of people suffering from diabetes.

Prevents Cancer
Flaxseeds are loaded with phytochemicals which act as antioxidants and they are the main agent in preventing and treating cancer.

Reduces Ovarian Dysfunction

In menstruating women, regular consumption of flaxseeds works in the same way as hormonal replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms like mood disturbances and vaginal dryness.

Boosts Immunity
Lignans present in flaxseed boost the immune system in the body and prevent inflammatory diseases.

Nourishes Your Hair
Omega-3 fatty acids present in flaxseeds are essential for maintaining healthy hair.

Soothes The Scalp

Consuming flaxseeds daily can prevent issues like hair loss, dandruff and scalp eczema (a condition that causes scaly patches and red skin on scalp).

Provides A Healthier Skin
They are known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties and helps in getting rid off uneven skin tone.

Interesting facts about flaxseeds:
– Flaxseeds will make you poop.
– They are indigestible unless grounded.
– Always use roasted or powdered flaxseeds.

How to include flaxseeds in your daily diet?
Flaxseeds can be used in a number of ways in different dishes:
– Mix in your yogurt for that crunch.
– Make chutneys or dips by grinding with raw mangoes and ginger or with garlic, salt, and a little water. Use only roasted flax seeds for chutneys.
– You can add powdered flaxseeds while baking bread or making chapati.
– If you are making salted oatmeal, add a spoonful of roasted flax seeds. You can also use it in powdered form.
– Smoothies and shakes can be added with a spoon of roasted, ground flaxseeds.
– You can add them in granola bars
– Sprinkle it in your breakfast cereal

How to store flaxseeds:

– Reduce its exposure to light, heat, and air.

– Keep your flaxseeds in an air-tight container.


– If you want to store it for the longer period of time, refrigerate it.

Side effects of flaxseeds:

Flaxseeds might react in some people if they are allergic to it. Otherwise, they are safe for consumption.

Goat milk Vs Cow Milk

Goat milk Vs Cow Milk

1. What are the health benefits of goat milk?

What are the health benefits of goat milk?

With endless health benefits, goat milk is considered as a better option as compared to cow milk. Surprisingly, goats only produce milk equivalent to about 2% of the global milk supply. This milk is also cheaper to process because it doesn’t require homogenization (the small fat molecules do not separate and remain suspended in the cream). That’s the reason goat milk is commonly processed into cheese, butter, ice cream, and yogurt. In fact, goat cheese is considered quite exotic and goat milk is being used in the treatment of Dengue. Though the popularity of cow milk is not likely to fade in the coming years, it is necessary to understand and clear the myths associated with other milk sources. Here, we have tried to throw some light on the facts associated with goat milk that we all should know. For instance, the milk-fat particles of goat are very small, making the milk very easy to digest. According to health experts, it is a better option for babies, in case a mother does not nurse her own baby. Also, it is a great option for those suffering from digestion issues and ulcers. According to experts, goat milk has superior ease of digestion and buffering properties. Moreover, as compared to cow’s milk, goat milk has improved amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin D. It has less lactose content and more vitamin A, B. Scroll below to know more about such interesting facts associated with goat milk.

2. Lactose content

Lactose content

You will be surprised to know that goat milk has 13% less lactose than cow milk. Also, it has 41% less lactose than the human milk.


3. Milk-fat particles are small

Milk-fat particles are small

The milk-fat particles of goat are very small, making the milk very easy to digest. According to health experts, it is a better option for babies, in case a mother does not nurse her own baby.

4. Easy to digest

Easy to digest

It is a great option for those suffering from digestion issues and ulcers. According to experts, goat milk has superior ease of digestion and buffering properties.

5. Controls cholesterol deposit

Controls cholesterol deposit

Due to the correct amount of fatty acids, goat milk has a unique metabolic ability to control cholesterol deposits in the body tissues.

6. Better by-products

Better by-products

According to a research, goat milk and its products are purely white in color, because all the yellow beta-carotene are already converted to colorless pure vitamin A during the processing.

7. Better nutritional content

Better nutritional content

As compared to cow’s milk, goat milk has improved amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamin C and vitamin D. It has less lactose content and more vitamin A, B.

8. Good for growing children

Good for growing children

The fresh goat milk when consumed in the growing age, helps contribute to building strong and healthy body and mind.

9. Similar in taste

Similar in taste

Though goat milk is considered superior to cow milk, when it comes to taste, they both are very similar.

10. Good for allergies

Good for allergies

Those who are allergic to cow milk can easily consume goat milk because it contains a different kind of protein that causes no reaction or allergy in the body.

copper utensils and their remarkable benefits

copper utensils and their remarkable benefits

1. Drinking water from a copper vessel is a good habit!

Drinking water from a copper vessel is a good habit!

Copper is considered an essential mineral for the human body. According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas (vata, kapha and pitta). According to health experts, it does so by positively charging the water. The water stored in a copper vessel is known as ‘Tamara Jal’ and is meant to be consumed only after at least eight hours. But, the point is, what are the benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel? Listed below are the reasons that make it a healthy habit to be followed by people of all age groups. For instance, copper fights off free radicals that cause aging. Packed with strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties, copper helps avoid the formation of fine lines and leads to the production of new healthy skin cells. Also, it helps in eliminating extra body fat efficiently; fine-tunes the digestive system and thus helps in losing the extra kilos. Even in homeopathy, drinking water stored in a copper vessel has been highly recommended. According to the American Cancer Society, copper has been found to help regulate blood pressure, heart rate and lowers one’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These are just a few benefits, read below to know what all copper can do to your body.

2. Infection fighter

Infection fighter

Copper is ‘Oligodynamic’ in nature (the sterilizing effect of metals on bacteria). It destroys all sorts of bacteria effectively and thus prevents common water-borne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, and jaundice.


3. Better digestion

Better digestion

Copper helps in cleansing and detoxifying stomach. It also regulates the working of liver and kidneys. It increases the absorption of nutrients from food too.

4. Fights cancer and hypertension

Fights cancer and hypertension

According to the American Cancer Society, copper has been found to help regulate blood pressure, heart rate and lowers one’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

5. Controls aging

Controls ageing

Copper fights off free radicals that cause ageing. Packed with strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties, copper helps avoid the formation of fine lines and causes the production of new healthy skin cells.

6. Regulates thyroid gland

Regulates thyroid gland

According to health experts, people suffering from thyroid diseases, usually have low levels of copper. Drinking water from the copper vessel helps maintain the required thyroid hormones level and prevent hyperthyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone) and hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone).

7. Beats anemia

Beats anemia

Interestingly, copper is an essential mineral required in the body. In the entire process of absorbing and using iron in the body, copper helps boost the levels of haeme (iron) also regulates its flow in the blood vessels.

8. Weight loss

Weight loss

It helps in eliminating extra body fat efficiently. It also fine tunes the digestive system and thus helps in losing extra kilos.

9. Helps heal wounds faster

Helps heal wounds faster

Copper is high on anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and that’s the reason is considered a great tool for healing wounds quickly. Also, it is known to strengthen the immune system and helps in the production of new cells

Since prehistoric times, copper has played a vital role in the healthy existence of the human race. From hair and eyes to skin and bones, copper has some amazing benefits for both your wellness and beauty. Since copper cannot be produced naturally by the body, it needs to be supplemented by external sources. This is why the use of copper is being extended from pots and plumbing fixtures to textiles and medical technology.

10.Helps You Stay Youthful

Collagen is essential for the production of elastic that keeps your skin firm, glowing and youthful. Sleeping on a copper infused mattress will help safeguard your cell membranes from free radicals that cause aging and promote the production of collagen, giving you that radiant glow.

11.Accelerates Weight Loss

Adding copper to your daily diet will boost your metabolism, help break down fat deposits and keep your body in the fat burning mode to accelerate your weight loss efforts.

An easy way to introduce copper to your daily regime is by drinking water stored in a copper vessel first thing in the morning.

12.Inhibits the Growth of Harmful Bacteria

Copper can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, and microbes. When bonded in textiles, it can destroy a lot of harmful viruses and various fungi and also help keep several skin allergies at bay.

13.Helps Produce Melanin

Copper is a vital element of melanin – the dark pigment that imparts a natural color to the hair, skin, and eyes. Melanocytes control the production of melanin in the presence of an enzyme called tyrosine. Tyrosine contains copper which catalyzes the production of melanin, prevents the greying of hair and keeps you looking younger for longer.

14.Improves Brain Functions

Copper is a highly effective brain stimulant as it plays a control function in the brain. It is also widely known as an aid to the understanding of cognitive processes and is directly associated with neural pathways that play a vital role within the brain when it comes to creative thinking and higher thought processes.

15.Boosts Blood Circulation

Copper aids in the absorption of iron in the intestines and helps in releasing iron when needed by the liver for essential body processes. It regulates blood flow and boosts blood circulation while maintaining a healthy count of red blood cells and ensuring adequate oxidation of all the internal organs.

16.Keeps You Energetic All Day Long

Adenosine triphosphate is the powerhouse of the human body and copper plays a vital role in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate. Copper acts as a catalyst in lowering the level of molecular oxygen to water in order to facilitate the synthesis of ATP, which is why copper deficiency can lead to lack of energy and fatigue.

17.Drives Enzymatic Reactions

Copper is either an element or a catalyst in more than 50 enzymes that are responsible for biological reactions in the body. Copper is essential for these enzymes to function properly and in harmony. In the absence of copper, metabolism slows down and the chain of biological reactions ceases to work in sync with various organs of the body.

Copper is specifically important for optimal functioning of brain pathways specifically those involving galactose and dopamine.

If you want to enjoy copper health benefits, there are many easy ways to include it in your day-to-day life and daily diet including wearing copper jewelry, copper clothing, cooking in copper utensils, drinking water from copper pots, consuming copper-rich foods and sleeping on a copper-infused mattress.

Frequently-touched surfaces in busy areas – such as hospitals, airports, public buildings – are at high risk of community-acquired and healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus(MSSA).

Bacteria deposited on a surface by one person touching it, or via contaminated body fluids (like a sneeze), can be picked up by anyone else who touches the same surface and spread elsewhere, potentially causing thousands of infections worldwide. There were over 800 cases of MRSA and almost 10,000 cases of MSSA reported by English NHS acute Trusts between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015.

19.Incredibly, in previous Southampton studies, simulated ‘droplet contamination’ of MRSA – representing a sneeze or a splash – showed it was rapidly killed on copper and copper alloy surfaces. But real contamination of surfaces usually happens with touching things, right? Copper takes care of that too.


Dr. Sarah Warnes, the lead author of this new research, explains:

“Our latest research shows that in simulated fingertip contamination of surfaces with millions of MRSA or MSSA, the cells can remain alive for long periods on non-antimicrobial surfaces – such as stainless steel – but are killed even more rapidly than droplet contamination on copper and copper alloys. Exposure to copper damages the bacterial respiration and DNA, resulting in irreversible cell breakdown and death.”


This new paper, published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, demonstrates that MRSA dies on copper surfaces by a multifaceted attack from copper ions and reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Professor Bill Keevil, Chair of Environmental Healthcare at the University of Southampton and the paper’s co-author, explains the significance of these findings:

“It’s important to understand the mechanism of copper’s antimicrobial efficacy because microorganisms have evolved various mechanisms to convey resistance to disinfectants and antibiotics. Our work shows that copper targets various cellular sites, not only killing bacterial and viral pathogens, but also rapidly destroying their nucleic acid genetic material so there is no chance of mutation occurring and nothing to pass on to other microbes, a process called horizontal gene transfer. Consequently, this helps prevent breeding the next generation of superbug.”

Touch surfaces made from solid antimicrobial copper are already used by hospitals, schools, mass transit hubs, sports facilities and offices around the world to reduce the spread of infections, supporting key infection control measures such as good hand hygiene and regular surface cleaning and disinfection.

Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!

Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!

The situation of receding gums happens when the tissue of the gum around the teeth corrodes and it looks like your gums recede backward. Then a large surface of the teeth is exposed and more visible. When the gums go back, the space between the gum line and the teeth rises. That is a perfect place for bacteria growth. Another problem that may happen is overexposure of the root of the tooth that can lead to extreme pain and sensitivity of the tooth. It will also have a negative influence on the structure and bone of the tooth that can cause loss of the tooth. receding gums


This is a very common problem and most of the people who suffer from it do not notice the problem. The reason is that the process is slow and happens gradually. Remember to check your gums if your teeth have become very sensitive. That is one of the first signs. Another indicator is the size of your tooth: if it is larger than before then you need to treat the problem because it is a sign of receding gums. Other symptoms may be:

– Tooth pain/ache
– Larger tooth than before
– Tooth sensitivity

What causes receding gums?!

It might be a gum disease, but it can be caused by other reasons such as:

1. Periodontal diseases. That means bacterial infection in the gums. They cause damage to the supporting bone of the tooth and the gums, followed by other problems.

2. Lack of oral hygiene. If you skip teeth brushing and flossing you might build up plaque on the teeth. That can lead to calculus which is a hard substance which can lead to gum recession.

3. Aggressive brushing. It is the complete opposite of brushing teeth on regular basis. If you brush your teeth aggressively then the enamel on your teeth will be destroyed and this will lead to receding gums.

4. Sometimes you will blame the genes. In this case, you cannot change a lot about your problem.

5. Hormone imbalance can lead to receding gums. This can be a huge problem especially among women. Those changes lead to more vulnerable and sensitive gums.

6. Smoking is also a reason for receding gums. Smoking also causes many other diseases such as lung disease and cancer, but it can also cause receding gums. People, who consume tobacco in any form, can get sticky plague on their teeth more easily and this leads to receding gums.

7. Clenching and grinding your teeth will put pressure on them and this can cause receding gums. Using force to take bits while you eat may also cause the same problem.

8. This is a weird reason, but piercing your tongue or lips can also lead to the same problem.

How to treat receding gums

If you notice the problem with receding gums on time your doctor can treat them with either root planning or tooth scaling. The doctor will safely remove the calculus or the plague from your teeth and the surface underneath the gum line. The other case is if you do not notice the problem on time. In this case you may need to do a surgery on your gums in order to repair the damage. Some of the surgeries may be: regeneration of the lost tissue and bone of gums and teeth, depth reduction, soft tissue graft etc. If you like to avoid surgery you can use some of the homemade remedies in this article. But remember to consult your doctor if you have serious gyms infection, because you need to know how deep has the bacteria gone. In this case, this step should not be avoided. If the problem is not so serious then you can use only these homemade remedies. By using them and with proper oral hygiene you can grow back you receding gums.

How can they grow back?

Gums are soft tissues. They cover our teeth in order to stay in place and they also cover the root of the teeth. If you want to solve the problem with receding gums you need to have a good oral hygiene and you can use many recipes such as oil pulling in order to grow your receding gums again. Read more in the other sections.

Homemade recipes for growing back receding gums

We present you homemade recipes that require only simple ingredients such as herbs and spices.

Green tea

Green tea has an abundance of health benefits. It is full of antioxidants that fight the free radicals that can cause periodontal disease which can lead to receding gums. One of the antioxidants in green tea is catechins and it helps in destroying any periodontal disease. This antioxidant can strengthen the connection between the gums and teeth. Its anti-inflammatory properties will lower the swelling of the gums that cause oral diseases.

How to use it:

Every morning drink 1 cup of green tea.

Aloe Vera

We present you another ingredient that can help you with your gum problem. It is aloe vera and it has many health benefits and most of them are connected with skin problems. The reason is because aloe vera has many anti-inflammatory properties and repairing capabilities. In cases of receding gums, aloe vera will fight against inflammation and will turn on the cells which are very important for repairing the tissues. It will prevent other infections, due to its antibacterial properties.

How to use it:

Use the gel from aloe vera for your gums problem. There are 2 ways. The first one is to use aloe vera gel like a mouthwash and for brushing.

Once you have flossed and brushed, put some aloe vera gel and once again brush the gums and teeth. This should last around 3 to 5 minutes. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

The other way is to use it as a mouthwash. Once again after you brush your teeth take a little bit of aloe vera gel and dissolve it in some water. The consistency should be good enough for you so you can swirl it through your mouth. Do this every day after brushing.

Oil pulling

One of the most effective treatments for receding gums is oil pulling. It also helps with other oral diseases and it is mostly known for healing cavities. Sesame oil has many health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce plague buildups and destroy the toxins in your mouth. The sesame oil will form a protective layer over your teeth and it will reduce the chances of plague building. You can also use this method for improving the absorption of healthy nutrients in your body.

How to use it:

Take sesame oil and warm it up. Do not overheat the oil. You only need to warm it. Then brush your teeth and take sesame oil in your mouth. Gargle it and swirl it around your mouth. Do this for a few minutes. If you are not familiar with this process you can start with 30 seconds to 1 minute and once you get used to the procedure increase the time. The goal is 15 to 20 minutes.

Other way of oil pulling

You can also use coconut oil for oil pulling. It will reduce the chances of getting infections that may be the reason for receding gums. The coconut oil will heal your cavity and prevent tooth decay and it is one effective ingredient for treating receding gums.

How to use it:

It is better if you use organic coconut oil. Brush your teeth and then take a little bit of coconut oil and use it as a mouthwash. Once again do the method 1 to 2 minutes and increase gradually. The goal is 15 to 20 minutes daily. It can also help you to grow back receding gums and it will prevent bacteria growth in your mouth.


Eucalyptus contains essential oils that have many health benefits. It is known fact that the essential oils from the herbs are stronger than the herb itself. That is very clear since we always use only a few drops of essential oils in many recipes. The essential oil from the eucalyptus can destroy germs and bacteria that live in your mouth. They will protect you from any oral diseases. It has many anti-inflammatory properties and they help in reducing the swelling in the gums. Remember to dilute the essential oil before you put it on your gums. It is really strong.

How to use it:

Take1 or 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 1 or 2 tablespoons of water. Dilute the essential oil in the water and dip your toothbrush or your finger in the oil. Apply it on your gums and massage it gently. Wash your mouth with water. This will stimulate the growth of new gums and it will prevent receding gums.


You can obtain resin from the Myrrh tree. That resin is used for curing and treating different gums and mouth diseases. It will stop the recession of the gums and it will prevent additional damages to the gums.

How to use it:

Use powdered myrrh. If you have myrrh in the form of resin, make powder by crushing it. Combine it with water and mix until a paste is formed. Apply it on your gums and massage it well. It should last a few minutes and you can use a toothbrush to complete this method.

Clove oil

One of the common uses of clove oil is preventing toothache. Many people are not familiar with the disinfectant properties of the clove. It can help you to destroy the germs and bacteria in your mouth and it will fight against any oral disease. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well and it can reduce the swelling of the gums. In order to fight periodontal disease you have to reduce inflammation. If you try and chew a clove you will experience a numbing effect. After every meal you can chew a clove. Remember that the clove oil should touch every side of your mouth. This will also destroy the bad breath. If you want you can try and use clove oil.

How to use it:

Take 1 to 2 drops of clove oil and massage your gums. Do this method one to three times in a day. Precaution: in case of using a blood clotting medication, please consult your doctor before you do this method.


Lemons are known for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The lemon can stimulate the growth of receding gums. It will also destroy the bad breath. Lemons are acidic and remember that too much of them can destroy the enamel on your teeth. Do not use lemon oil every day. It should be used only one time in week. If you want you can make homemade lemon oil and you will not have to worry about that.

Homemade lemon oil:

You will need:

– ¼ to ½ cup of olive oil
– ½ to 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice

Directions: put the olive oil in a jar and add the lemon juice. Cover and shake it well. Leave the mixture for a couple of weeks. Remember to shake the jar every day. After three to four weeks you can start and use the oil.

How to use it:

Apply little bit of lemon oil on your fingers and massage your gums for a couple of minutes. Do this method not more than 2 times in a week.

Tips for preventing gum recession

It is better to prevent the problem then to cure it. If you see how many people have problems with receding gums then it is time to take some precautions. This way you will prevent other oral diseases as well. We will give you some tips that can help you to take better care of your gums and mouth.

Proper oral hygiene

This is one of the most important tips. It will keep the oral diseases away.


– No aggressive brushing.
– Use gentle strokes and circular motion.
– Brush along your gym line, do not push the gums.
– Use a brush with small head and soft bristles.
– Floss!!!
– The best way to keep good oral hygiene is to floss and brush after every meal. If you are not able to do that then after every meal use a mouthwash.

Mouthwash for a clean mouth

If you use a mouthwash on daily basis then your mouth will be free of bacteria and germs. It is recommended that you use it every day. We will give you recipes for homemade mouthwash if you do not want to use the ones from the market. They are made with some essential oils.

– Mix 1 to 2 drops of essential oil, such as sage oil, peppermint, clove or tea tree oil and mix t with ¼ to ½ cups of water. Mix it well and use it every day.

– Another good way to protect your mouth from infections is hydrogen peroxide. It is very strong so remember to dilute it with water.

Remember that mouthwash is very important. Do it at least 2 times daily: in the morning and in the evening.

Water, water, and water

We all know that water is very important and drinking a lot of it can keep your gums healthy. We present you some reasons why you should drink more water to keep your gums healthy:

– You will get rid of the toxins from your mouth and your body. You will flush out any germs and bacteria in your mount and therefore you will prevent receding gums.

– You will keep your mouth clean. If you cannot clean your mouth after every meal you can use water to clean any food that is left on your teeth and in your mouth. Swish it around in your mouth and if you cannot spit the water out you can swallow it. Simple as that.

Eat healthily

Food that is healthy and full of nutrients can improve your overall health and boost your immune system as well. On the other hand, junk food will help the bacteria to grow in your mouth which can lead to many infections.

– Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. We recommend the ones that are full of vitamin C, because it is very important for your gums. It can reduce inflammation and help in the regeneration of the gums. Eat a lot pineapple, strawberries, oranges, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, asparagus etc.

– Reduce the sugar intake and avoid cold drinks. They are perfect home for bacteria.

– Do not consume alcohol, processed food, caffeine and anything that is made of white flour. They are bad for your overall health as well as for your oral health.

Consult with your doctor for any supplements

If your body does not have all important nutrients it can lead to bad oral health and problems with the gums. In order to change that you need to visit your doctor and find out if you should increase the intake of certain vitamins or other important nutrients. The following supplements can help you with receding gums:

– Calcium: it is very important for dental and bone health.
– Vitamin C: it will boost your immune system and also has many anti-inflammatory properties.
– Ginkgo biloba: it will improve your blood circulation, which is crucial for having healthy gums.
– Zinc: it will boost your immune system and you will fight different bacteria that can cause infection and oral diseases.
– Coenzume Q10: it will renew your cells and it will help you to grow back your receding gums.

Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!/Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!/Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!//Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!/Natural Remedies to Protect your Gums-Smile forever!