comali ena koduma sir idhu…!

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comali ena koduma sir idhu…!
Jayam Ravi is an nice actor who adopts the role he plays whether movies like
comedy, thriller and also in a commercial. He has been travelling with thriller
movies for the past year like Thani Oruvan ,Adanga Maru ,Tik Tik Tik And
Miruthan . His fans and another peoples thought that he had turned him to move
onto thriller subjects. But he had proved that he can do whatever the role maybe
also he defined him that he plays the role by adopting with the character. He had
breakthroughed and over come the opinion of his fans. He made a student role
from the 80’s and late ’90s. Yogi Babu appears as a best friend of Ravi ( Jayam Ravi )
from the school days . With their collaboration, they entertain the audience by
making comedies right from starting of the movie to the end of the movie. Same as
every movies in Tamil Ravi ( Jayam Ravi ) falls love with a classmate Nikitha (
Samyuktha Hedge ) during his teenage schooling. After falling in love as usual
like other movies Ravi proposes Nikitha by gifting a idol to her by this time Ravi
met an accident he loose his memories and slips into coma for an 16 years . This
scenario changes Ravi’s life into an upside down. He wakes up after 16 yrs he look
like 37-year-old men but his mentality is just a 17 years old teen age boy from late
90’s . He loose his patience when he tries to adapt with the world. He meets
Rithika ( Kajal Agarwal )supporting actor. He enjoys time spending time with her .
Later on he knew that his family is facing a huge debt the money spent for his
treatment . So he decides to go for job . sequentialy Rithika knows about Ravi’s
past life after that she considers and provides him a watchman job in a museum . By
Rithika he knows the idol which he presented to Nikitha is a highly valued one .
But here the twist arrives now the idol is owned by K.S.Ravikumar and he is none
other than the villain of the movie and another interesting fact is the accident met by
Ravi is because of K.S.Ravikumar . He is a villain for the movie and as well as he
is the villain for Ravi’s life . K.S.Ravikumar plays an politician role in this movie
. Ravi tries to take the idol from K.S.Ravikumar by using some methods to save his
family from debt . Atlast Ravi becomes a Youtube celebrity by uploading the
videos . He expresses his thoughts how people’s life of 90’s has changed . The
motive of the movie is everything in the world we had changed for living but the
only one must be left for others is humanity.When we loose the humanity then we
are not humans . Worth to watch the movie with family.
comali ena koduma sir idhu…!/

comali ena koduma sir idhu…!


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