Corporate Digital Marketing Training-kerala

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 Corporate Digital Marketing Training-kerala

Technology has changed the way we work and live. The combined powers of digital, social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies have empowered both consumers and companies to communicate like never before.
Today, modern multichannel customers have set the bar so high in terms of their expectations from brands, that competing- and winning- in today’s market requires exceeding expectations and delivering great customer experiences.
This is why we have designed on-demand Customized Corporate Training Solutions in Digital Marketing to provide intensive support for marketing teams, instantly upgrading their skill sets on digital.
Our custom trainings are suitable for teams of every scale of business. Whether you are a Startup, Medium or Large enterprise, we can custom-design a Program based on your unique requirements.
We have already trained some of the world’s most well known digital and traditional brands across Marketing, Sales, Social media, Web Analytics and Online CRM.
We have trained at all functional levels, from the beginner level executives to the CXO level strategy makers.
Here are ways in which we can grow your online marketing ROI:
Expert-led Corporate Digital Marketing Training
– You Contact us 730577703 letting us know what you need. Our Trainers are Certified inGoogle and they are also Certified in UGC Conducted SET Exams,click here to know about the Certificates
– We’ll set up a call for you with our expert instructors, to identify the most suitable modules and digital marketing strategies to cater to your unique requirement.
– Once you are confident about the most suitable training solution, we will schedule an expert-led digital marketing training at your place or our place, based on preference and availability.
– This way we develop your in-house capabilities by training your team on digital marketing.
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Module 6: Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Personal Online Branding for Management
How to deal with negative comments online
Daily Alerts & Actions for Management
Module 7: Web Analytics (Google Analytics Framework ) – Basic & Advanced Workshop
Google Analytics Setup.
Set-up Conversion Funnels
In-Depth understanding of web traffic
KPI for Web marketing teams
Analysis Framework for Management
Module 8: Social Media Marketing – Basic and Advanced Workshop
Facebook Page Management
Facebook Engagement Campaigns
Integrating SEO & Social Media Strategies
Remarketing on Social Media
You Tube SMO Strategy
Blog Management
Integrating Social Media Platforms
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Hire us as your Virtual CDO (Chief Digital Officer)
– For an ongoing, specialised digital consultancy support by our experts, you can choose to have us as your Virtual Chief Digital Officer (CDO).
– The collective knowledge of our Experts offered through this unique methodology gives you industry’s best brains as digital strategy makers in a cost-effective and flexible format.
– We take care of your digital strategy so that you can focus on your core business.
– This way we work alongside your team to achieve positive digital transformation working on tangible goals.
Get More Details Here-7305777703
Digital Academy corporate training program is customized to fit the requirements of your organization, and be relevant cross departments. Our training programs have assisted individuals from various functions:
Digital Marketing Experts: Update their skill set & know about the latest updates
Conventional Marketers: Gain practical insight into online marketing.
Account Executives from Digital Agencies: Stay updated with the upcoming trends & enhance their digital marketing knowledge
Human Resources Teams: Effectiveness in recruiting Digital Marketing teams
C-Level Executives: To understand the implications of digital for their business.Our in-company training is frequently tailored to the specific requirements of a particular industry sector. We have worked across the board, including financial services, government and public sector, retail, media and publishing and travel industries, as well as PR, marketing and advertising agencies.
1. Where will the traning take place?
As a part of Bespoke Pratictioner Led Training, Leading Industry practitioners, who bring their up to date experience would either deliver customised digital marketing trainings at Your Place (Bespoke training delivered at your premises) or at Our Place (State of the art Education Centre)
2. What will be the duration of training programs?
We can design workshops as per the organizations needs. Currently our modules can be delivered in:
1 Day Training Program to 5 Days Training Program
3. What all Modules are covered in the training programs?
Though the modules would be customized based on your requirement but most of our corporate clients opt for following modules:
Module 1: Pay Per Click Advertising
Module 2: Search Engine Optimization
Module 3: Social Media Marketing
Module 4: Online Reputation Management
Module 5: Google Analytics Framework
4. What should a company expect from the training program?
– Frameworks for Analysis
– Critical Feedback
– Real time measurements – Boring Presentations
– Praises & Awards
– Hypothetical Situations
– Yawning
– Gut Feeling
– Excuses
5. What is the training methodolgy adopted by DigitalTout Academy?
Our trainers shall customize the delivery methodology based on your teams understanding & your organizations requirement.
         Analysis: Audit present campaigns / account using tools.
         Workshop: Conduct activities to develop the required frameworks & strategy roadmaps for your team
         Training: Live, trainer-led classroom based training
         Consultancy: In-depth involvement in the business to form strategy.
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