unknown facts about Chocolates

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unknown facts about Chocolates
How far can chocolates invite your attention? Got immense love towards binging on chocolates? Not just kids, even adults of all age groups have special love for chocolates. It is however considered as one of the sinful desserts! What we fail to notice is that there are several vital nutrients contained in chocolates that can aid you in keeping your lifestyle healthy.

When you’re stressed out, munching a chocolate can instantly awaken your mood. Perhaps, you can try it during your next premenstrual syndrome.

To believe in chocolates, you should first of all break all the myths revolving around. So, here are the myths you got to stay away from!

The first myth is that it has no health benefit at all!

Chocolates are rich in antioxidants, zinc and magnesium. They also contain high levels of calcium, phosphate and protein that helps in bringing down resistance towards insulin. There is very high amount of antioxidants in dark chocolate. You can keep your blood pressure under control by eating them.

The second myth is that it is very high caffeine content

You can elevate your mood by eating chocolates! However, they actually do not contain very high levels of caffeine. There is 6g of caffeine in a chocolate bar or a glass full of chocolate milk. This is more or less the same as the quantity present in decaffeinated coffee.

The third myth is that Chocolates can lead to acne

Of course, your skin health largely relies on what you eat. Due to the fat content present in chocolates, you may develop acne, but there is very little chance for it. When you take up more of oily foods, it can lead to acne.

The fourth myth is that Chocolates lead to weight gain

Your weight gain is not just because of chocolates! Your health doesn’t get hit by chocolate consumption. When you consume excessive processed foods, it would result in weight gain.

Fifth myth is that you may develop cavities

Believe that chocolates don’t solely cause cavities! Cavities develop when your mouth has cavities. When the sugar or starch in body gets metabolized by bacteria in your mouth and produces acid, it leads to cavities. The acid then accumulates on tooth enamel thus causing cavity.

Chocolates contain very high saturated fat

There is very high level of s stearic acid present in milk chocolate. This in no way surges cholesterol level in your body. According to studies, you can have chocolate bar rather than carbohydrate-rich food that would lead to uptick in cholesterol level.

Seventh myth is that chocolates lead to headache

First of all, chocolate is never the cause for migraine or headache. There are a lot of studies that claim that there is absolutely no link between chocolates and headaches. However, remember that if you are already prone to headache, with no munching of even a piece of chocolate, the pain may get triggered.

The eighth myth is that white chocolate is also a chocolate

Know that white chocolates are made up of cocoa butter, vanilla and milk solids. They are not chocolates in real. Better said is that they are not chocolates at all as they don’t contain cocoa powder.

The night myth is that chocolates don’t have any nutritive value

There is very high polyphenol content in chocolates. Polyphenols are antioxidants present in red wine. These are known for reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. There is very high antioxidant content in dark chocolates.

The last myth is that diabetics shouldn’t near chocolates

It is definitely not that diabetics should say no to chocolates whenever they are offered one! They have very low glycemic index and hence, chocolates help in improving insulin sensitivity. The endothelial dysfunction gets improved with chocolate consumption.


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